Pimaflex multipipe combines all the benefits of plastic and metal in one pipe. This ensures state of the art products and quality, high degree of flexibility and endurance, coupled with high pressure and temperature stability.


With the modern pressing technology of Pimaflex multipipe systems a permanently tight connection is performed within seconds. Basic to that are the press fittings with their unique characteristics



One Pipe does it all! Whether aircon, hot or cold water you only need Pimaflex multipipe system. Easy purchase process and reduced stock are just 2 of the benefits for the customers.


Technical Data


For a fast check of the specs of our Pimaflex multipipe



Here you see some of the references using our Pimaflex mutlipipe system with pressfitting system and 10 years warranty, our push fitting DIY system for hot and cold water and our system for A/C Applications



Pimaflex multipipe system is now available all over Thailand at different outlets.




To round up the well engineered system, PIMATEC offers tools which perfectly match with the componets.




10 year warranty covered by insurance up to 2 Mio Euo for Pimaflex mutipipe system with the proven press fitting


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