Press Fitting

With the modern pressing technology of Pimaflex multipipe systems a permanently tight connection is performed within seconds. Basic to that are the press fittings with their unique characteristics


Push Fitting (Plastic)

Pimaflex Push Fitting has been invented for easy and fast installation. Made from high quality Poly-propylene from Germany the push fitting provides many benefits for hot and cold water systems in regards of strength and temperature.


Push Fitting (Metal)

The Push Fitting with its easy installationand its thoroughly engineered construction, is the perfect complement to the system


AirCon Fitting

A special designed and locally manufactured fitting ensures the perfect connection with the air condition systems of well known brands.




AirCon Fitting



The Pimaflex Multipipe range of compression fittings is designed to enable all conventional Air Con Sizes.
The profile of the fitting is co-ordinated with the plastic material and excellently compensates all forces of the daily operation.



How it works

Pimaflex Multipipe compression fittings press the insert part (2) with fixed closed clamp ring (3) on to the Pimaflex Multipipe by tightening the swivel nut (1).

The compression fitting can be released again; whereas the insert part remains permanently connected to the pipe.

The specially designed insert part fits exactly to the service valve of the aircondition and enables a permanently tight connection without any additional sealing. Pimaflex Multipipe compression fittings are permanently tight as confirmed by test reports and certificates.


How to install the AirCon Fitting

Measure to length and cut,
if necessary bend the pipe

Push the nut over the pipe
and the fitting body into the pipe

Screw the nut on the air con unit
and tighten it


That's it !