Press Fitting

With the modern pressing technology of Pimaflex multipipe systems a permanently tight connection is performed within seconds. Basic to that are the press fittings with their unique characteristics


Push Fitting (Plastic)

Pimaflex Push Fitting has been invented for easy and fast installation. Made from high quality Poly-propylene from Germany the push fitting provides many benefits for hot and cold water systems in regards of strength and temperature.


Push Fitting (Metal)

The Push Fitting with its easy installationand its thoroughly engineered construction, is the perfect complement to the system


AirCon Fitting

A special designed and locally manufactured fitting ensures the perfect connection with the air condition systems of well known brands.



Push Fitting


Pimaflex Multipipe Metal Push Fitting with its easy installation and its thoroughly engineered construction, is the perfect complement to the system. With low installation effort and high safety, the metal push fitting does its work when working time counts. Repairs and additional pipe runs in extremely tight spaces now are installed fast.




 Always a good show

 The slim design allows easy insulation over both pipe and fittings.


How it works

The GRIPPING   Easy Installation, secure grip   Always complete control
The concept of GRIPPING with its integrated spring element ensures easy insertion of the pipe. As the pipe passes the GRIPPING, the pretension of the spring element will prevent the pipe to be extracted.   Immediatly the pipe is inserted, the GRIPPING begins gripping the fitting body and the pipe wall.
It bites deeper with increasing force into the pipe and locks firm.
  With the PROTECTOR ring and the inspection windows, correct assembly is mere child's play. Non-calibrated pipes cannot be pushed into the fitting

The latest generation with PROTECTOR ring

Fast Working

No tools for connecting
Just push the prepared pipe into the fitting.
- done.

Solid fitting body made of metal
Familiar high quality and safety

Held secure by the gripping
Gripping made of high performance plastic secures the pipe

Easy checking via the inspection window
Correct connection is easily controlled and monitored via the inspection window.


Non-calibrated pipe:

The PROTECTOR ring prevents insertion
of the pipe and thus damage of the O-rings.

Correctly calibrated pipe:

The PROTECTOR ring slides aside.
The pipe is easily inserted.


How to install the Push Fitting

Cut to length...

Calibrate and Bevel...

Insert the pipe into fitting...



That's it !