If you like the idea of a swimming pool, but are concerned about the cost of ownership or the hassle of taking care of a swimming pool, the fibreglass pool is the answer.

  • Reduced installation time, pools can be used in a week
  • Environment friendly by using less chemicals to keep the pool clean and due to that the pump will be less in use which means saving in electricity, too.
  • The surface of fibreglass swimming pool is smooth and non-abrasive, no skin off fingers and toes.
  • Fibreglass pools never have to be drained for acid washing, re-plastering or painting like concrete swimming pools
  • Fibreglass pools with its smooth, non-porous surface, do not require large amounts of chemicals to combat resident algae, therefore requiring 50 – 60% less cost of chemicals and less vacuuming time.
  • No leaks or cracks, 10 year guarantee on structure