The multi-layer pipe– the fundamental part for all of our connections

Multi-layer pipes – a compound of high-class-materials – are the most popular pipes in the sanitary- and heating-installations in the trend-setting market Europe. Practically all advantages of a modern material: fully balanced between it’s highest operating performance and it’s environmental compatibility due to an economical resource management

Highest material quality

With an experience of more that 25 years in producing overlapped welded multi-layer pipes Pimaflex systems is holding a pipe which safety-resource is one of the highest worldwide.

Highest material safety

Selected raw materials and a long experience in production guarantee the top quality of a technical perfected product. The pipe offers a high load capacity at tmax 95°C and pmax 10 bar (at 70°C according to the DVGW-regulations) for the daily use.

Simple bendability

The standard diameters up to 25mm can be easily bent without any tools. The bending-springs provide exact roundings at narrow bending radii.


Advantages like metal-pipes

  • absolutely oxygen tight because of the welded aluminium pipe
  • form stable, no spring back forces
  • low thermal length expansion

Advantages like plastic pipes

  • no deposits because of the smooth inside wall
  • no corrosion because of the high chemical resistance
  • low weight
Multilayer fittings