Precisely designed and manufactured, spring-loaded connections not only guarantee a faster and easier connection, but also offer a higher safety level since the contact quality is largely independent of operator skill.

WAGO products can be used in a wide range of applications. The components and systems are used worldwide in industrial, automotive, process engineering, building and many other sophisticated applications.

Maintenance-free operation  – results from excellent long-term consistency of the electrical and mechanical properties of the clamping connection – or more precisely, the clamping unit.

Reduces service costs  – The resulting maintenance-free operation reduces service costs, leading to greater equipment availability and reliability.

Time Saving  – CAGE CLAMP® technology significantly reduces wiring times, which helps minimize labor costs. Additional savings provided via faster project commissioning and elimination of service costs due to maintenance-free terminations.

WAGO Series 221

The NEW LEVER-NUTS® COMPACT Splicing Connector 221 Series is the successor to the Classic Compact Splicing Connectors of the 222 Series.

WAGO Series 224

Lighting Connector Series 224 makes it possible to connect rigid, single-wire conductors with flexible, multi-wire conductors without the use of tools.

WAGO Series 773

PUSH WIRE® connection for junction box – compatible for solid and stranded conductors (depending on model used).