DIY Fitting

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Quick Connection Push Fitting as alternative option for Pimaflex Multipipe size 20 mm – 32 mm, for hot- and cold water applications. Easy – fast – convenient – to install without any special tool or any joint sealing requirements.

Made of Polypropylene, well-known in terms of strength, durability as well as pressure and temperature resistance. Grab Ring, made of Stainless Steel, grabs the pipe instantly. When the pressure increases, its teeth are fixed through the surface of the pipe more firmly. O-ring seal made of EPDM and is coated by food-grade silicone grease to lubricate and make the rubber life longer. Dust cover protects the fittings against dirt or wet cement during installation.

In case of dismantling, the release key enables installer to re-install the fitting. By inserting the key in the gap between the edges of the grab ring. After the teeth are extracted, the pipe can be pulled out.