Pimatec PUSH-FIT, as a new choice for customers, is engineered to provide an efficient and convenient installation method. It helps plumbers to optimize installation time and guarantee a clean and leak-free installation environment. With Pimatec PUSH-FIT, no soldering , melting , clamps or glue is required , which means cleaner installations, less potential leak points and less time cost on the job. Plumb an entire home without using special tools .

The main body of PUSH-FIT is made out of high-quality copper material, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance, eliminates processing stress, and ensures no cracking and dimensional stability.

high-quality installations
high-quality installations

The Inspection holes of the collet provide visual verification to check whether the tube is fully inserted.

The High-strength 316 stainless steel grab ring has good corrosion resistance.

The inverted tooth structure can effectively hold the pipe and prevent it from coming out.

The HDPE Indicator Ring has a superior chemical and thermal stability. The conspicuous color provides visual inspection, making it easier to observe proper insertion depth and connection.

The high-quality EPDM double seal rings with excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance ensure no leakage